Covid-19 Lockdown: How To Stay Healthy At Home

Covid-19 Lockdown: How To Stay Healthy At Home

Covid-19 Lockdown: How To Stay Healthy At Home
Covid-19 Lockdown: How To Stay Healthy At Home

How To Stay Healthy At Home During The Coronavirus Lockdown

During this corona virus outbreak, it might feel like things are very much out of your control. Most routines have been thrown into disarray and the future as far as the expert tell us but there are still lots of things you can aside from social distancing and washing your hands with soap under running water  to protect your health.

Here are list of things you need to do to stay strong and healthy whilst under the lockdown control

  • Eat Well: A healthy diet has been shown to reduce our risk of contacting illnesses such as, depression, anxiety, diabetes and obesity
  • Sleeping Tightly: Sleep is essential for our bodies to repair cells. Persons can sleep between six to nine hours a night to help maintain  as sense of normality, and help you follow through with plans.
  • Exercising Sufficient: Exercise releases chemicals in our body that make us feel good and also linking to better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety. Average movement for 30 minutes per day is recommended to keep yourself healthy
  • Social Connection: We need to get connected to our friends and loved ones. Evidence shows that social association is as important for our health as diet and sleep.
  • Calming Activities : Now is the perfect time to have time for: Gardening, sewing, learning to meditate, puzzles, cooking and reading books. 



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