How to lose pot belly in few days

If are thinking of getting rid of the fat in your pot belly, here are the basic home remedies to lose your stubborn belly. kindly read below carefully and apply everyday for good results in less than 2 weeks. here are 10 ways to transform your fat tummy in to fat

  1. Eat 5 small meals a day
  2. Have 2 hours gap between food and sleep
  3. Run at least 10 minutes everyday
  4. Do 20 minutes cardio daily
  5. Avoid taking alcohol
  6. Chew your food 32 times per meal
  7. Have 7 hours of proper deep sleep
  8. Take green tea 2 times a day
  9. Eat 3 soaked almonds per day
  10. 8 glasses of water daily

Getting rid of belly fat quickly is one of the most troublesome types of fat. its effects can be seen when you wear clothes that reveal you. Thank You for reading. Abide to these remedies properly everyday to get flat tummy in less than 2 weeks. kindly share to help others


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