LYRICS: Tekashi 6ix9ine – Tutu

‘Cause you can’t bop like this (Uh, uh)
Everybody want my swag, everybody want my drip (Uh, uh)
Had to tell ’em, “Back-back,” tell ’em get off my d*ck (Uh, uh)
Watch me do the money-dance, watch me hit my skip (Uh, uh)
Bet you can’t do it like this, no, you can’t do it like thisI get money when I want to
I get bitches when I want to (Uhh-uh)
Tote this pistol when I want to (Uhh-uh)
Money dance step, hit the one-two (Uhh-uh)
Oh you paid? Well, b!tch, I’m paid too (Uhh-uh)
Don’t talk to me, I talk to you (Uhh-uh)
If it’s fuck me, then it’s fvck you (Uhh-uh)
Yeah, it’s middle finger, fvck you (Uhh-uh, uh)
Money coming in, money going out
Rappers coming in, rappers going out
Funny how they tryna take my style
Funny how they tryna break me down
Y’all niggas better watch y’all mouth
Y’all starting to sound like clowns
All these rappers wanna talk that clout
I don’t know what that’s about
They wanna rap like this, they wanna talk like this
They wanna walk like this, they wanna look like this
They wanna be like this, they wanna bop like this
They wanna chart like this, niggas, suck my d!ck
You can’t do this ’cause you ain’t me
It drives you niggas crazy
It keeps you up at night (Night, night)


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