Lyrics: Ball J – Lullaby

Lyrics: Ball J - Lullaby

Lyrics: Ball J - Lullaby
Lyrics: Ball J – Lullaby

Ball J Lullaby lyrics

Let me adjust the crown, adjust the crown
You already know what time id is bitch
Fortune! hahaha
Ball J, ready to engage
Talk to these niggas

You are about to get schooled, you like it or not
Let me say it again
You are about to get schooled, you like it or not
I won’t say it again
I’m about to pull the highest to the ground, ma flow is like ocean
Where is your life jacket
Lululallaby this is a diss song for those who be sleeping on me

Diss is ma playground and you really wanna play with me? nigga
I’m the ball your bitch wanna play with, you still wanna play? Nigga?
Ma shit so hot you had to reply my ass, you gay nigga
Now lets talk about money first, I mean the paper not the rapper
So don’t run away nigga!
Keep bragging, the are used to that
And keep lying, you are good at that
Its a secret on the streets and the people on your team and everybody know say, you be wack!
Fake lord bitch!

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I’m standing above your law bitch!
You couldn’t eve carry the cross bitch!
Sia… I’m your God bitch!!!
You was ma nigga till you snitched on ma nigga who knew another nigga who is a nigga to ma brother
I spit like I’m pregnant, my word is born
I don’t sit with a person that stands for nothing
A diss to a nigga who wants another nigga down
Raise the middle finger to your face, face me now 

Sub Sub Subliminal shots, I multiply your shots by Zero
I’m that hero for black people
The Mike Gizo, slap these whores
Bragging Negros
Get the strap clap back Milo
brutality, demonology
Headquarters of Titans
Clash here we go
Luis Figo
We balling babe!
They no go barb sef 


You can’t give nobody shine you ain’t bright enough
With the fake fans at your back
Man you dey lose direction
And your real fans way dey feel me
Now you dey do eye red things
You gotta go hard bitch
Man you dey lose erection
How many stars you you made
Shit! Jack woyɛ ɛdu wo pension
Stop pretending these are the lessons you learn from a father, its blessing
Exodus 20:12, where is your honor son to live long
To ma new school rapper who are underground nobody has to die before you wear the crown
One way diss, only two punches
Obi npɛ hype ah na obi yɛ broke
Listen, this ain’t dissing
Its just a tune to make you sleep so you stop bitching
You be the baddest?
That be your mind set
You are a subset
You are a tool in my math set
But you are not the ruler

I be Gettin em
I be feeling they be digging it
If you sicker, I’m penicillin
I finish and I bury them
I’m not a crackhead crackhe it its the melanin
Damn, I ain’t sniffing
Hold up!

You cannot depict
These niggas ain’t quick
I’m sowing what I reap
I’m Tailor, I’m Swift
The only height I can never reach is God
You only get high on your weed
Get the Fuuuck


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